Travel across the United States on a Train Tour or Scenic Trip

Have you always dreamed of driving across the United States to see natural wonders like Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon?


Scenic train trip
Scenic train trip

Today, the cost of fuel alone can make lengthy road trips impractical, and it's difficult to enjoy the scenery while you're focusing on the road and other drivers. Congested traffic, construction, out-of-date maps and car trouble are a few other less than desirable features of cross-country road trips.

Before you throw away your maps and give up on your dreams of a cross country sight-seeing tour, consider a terrific alternative to car travel. North American Train Tours present the perfect opportunity to travel among your choice of the nation's top tourist destinations comfortably and conveniently.


There are many choices when it comes to choosing a scenic train trip. There are 7 or 10 day train tours that feature stops at popular destinations and include overnight hotels stays. Many train tours also include visits to historic sites and national parks. If you want to enjoy a completely relaxing, comfortable and convenient journey, an all inclusive train tour is ideal. It will also prove quite economical since many amenities are included.


Another option is to plan a train trip that involves a shorter journey along a scenic route. You can see an incredible diversity of landscapes in just a few days traveling in comfort on board a train. 


Amtrak's California Zephyr is a popular scenic train trip that runs between Chicago and San Francisco daily in just over two days and two nights. On the Zephyr, you travel across vast plains and climb high into the Rocky Mountains, enjoying views of the Sierra Nevadas, scenic canyons, waterways and much more.

US map
United States map

Amtrak's Southwest Chief is another terrific option for an incredibly scenic journey from Chicago to the West Coast. You'll see a variety of landscapes as you travel across eight states, including fields, mountains and deserts. 


There are many scenic train trips available in different geographic locations throughout the United States in addition to those traveling cross country.


Traveling on long-distance trains today is comfortable, relaxing and fun. Economy seats recline generously and bunks are available. You can watch a movie, socialize in the bar or see the sights from the observation dome. Nearly all long-distance trains today feature full-service dining cars.


As enjoyable as long-distance train travel is, many people prefer to break their journey at a stop of their choice. Scenic train trips are very popular, and it will be necessary for you to book your train tickets months in advance. You can take the opportunity to decide where you would most like to spend a night along the way.


If you are interested in rail touring in the United States, one of the best resources for information is a comprehensive guide book. Choose an up-to-date guidebook with detailed maps as well as route guides. You can use the guide book as a resource to help you choose a train tour or plan your own scenic rail journey. A quality rail tour guide book will also include tips on making reservations and buying tickets.


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